Syphilis and STD

Syphilis is sexually transmitted diseases (STD) which have very serious complications when it was left untreated, but it is simple to cure with the correct treatment. Symptoms in adults are divided into phases. The phases can be divided into primary, secondary, latent, and late syphilis. Syphilis can be spread by direct contact with syphilis sore during the vaginal, anal or oral sex. Sores can be found on the penis, vagina, anus, in the rectum, on the lips and in the mouth. Syphilis alos called ‘the great imitator’ as it has so many possible symptoms, many of which look like symptoms from other diseases.
The painless syphilis sore that get after first infected can be confused for an ingrown hair, zipper cut, or other seemingly harmless bump. The syphilis infected baby may be born without signs or symptoms of disease. If not it is not treated immediately, the baby may develop serious problems within a few weeks. Untreated babies can have serious health problems such as cataracts, deafness, or seizures and even can die.
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  • Primary syphilis
  • Secondary syphilis
  • Latent syphilis
  • Tertiary syphilis
  • Congenital syphilis
  • Neurosyphilis
  • Miscarriage/Stillbirth
  • Blindness/Stroke

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