HIV & aging

The advancement of exceptionally dynamic hostile to retroviral treatment (HAART) for HIV contamination in the 1990s is one of present day drug's most sensational examples of overcoming adversity. Once successfully a capital punishment, HIV disease can now be viewed as a genuine, yet to a great extent sensible, interminable condition. Today, a man who starts HAART can sensibly hope to experience another 30 to 50 years and regularly well into more seasoned age. In any case, large portions of the medications used to treat HIV have not been around for long. While transient reactions are very much inquired about and reported, longer-term symptoms are less surely knew. Some HIV drugs influence the kidneys, liver, bones and heart in unpretentious ways. As a major aspect of your normal wellbeing checking, your medicinal services proficient will watch out for how well your body is functioning, so any issues can be distinguished and treated early.

  • Systems biology in HIV, METH and cART
  • HIV- diagnosis, retroviral transmission and prevention
  • Mother-to-child transmission of HIV
  • Social, cultural, economic and political issues of sexuality
  • Opportunistic diseases in HIV

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