Vaccine Development

The CDC suggests the HPV vaccine for all guys ages 11 to 12 and those to age 21 who have not had each of the three measurements of the immunization. It is additionally prescribed for gay, swinger, and men who have intercourse with men. Men through age 26 who are immunocompromised, including HIV positive, who have not had every one of the three dosages may likewise profit. The vaccine is best when given to more youthful guys. The vaccine has been demonstrated to forestall genital warts and anal cancers in guys and may counteract diseases of the oropharynx and penis (ACIP, 2014).

  • Classes of drugs and mechanism
  • Immunology and strategies towards HIV and retroviral infections
  • HIV/AIDS and STDs/STIs: Vaccines research and development
  • Nucleoside analogues and molecular mechanisms
  • HIV: Current pharmaceutical design

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