Immunology of HIV/AIDS, STDs & STIs

Grown-ups with immunodeficiencies are a great deal more prone to experience the ill effects of molluscum contagiosum. Around 90% of patients who are HIV-positive have skin sores or some likeness thereof, including molluscum contagiosum. In one study, 18% of patients who were HIV positive were found to have molluscum contagiosum (Rane et al., 2014). In immunodeficient individuals, molluscum contagiosum can spread to all body surfaces. Immunocompetent grown-ups don't get molluscum contagiosum injuries a long way from the genital zone. The presence of molluscum contagiosum on the substance of a grown-up is a decent marker that they have a HIV disease or some other immunosuppressive condition. Immunogenetics helps in comprehension the pathogenesis of a few immune system and irresistible sicknesses and bacterial diseases under clinical investigations of STDs.

Role of female immune response

Mucosal immune response

Molecular immunology of STDs caused by Chlamydia

  • Current issues and controversies in HIV management
  • Gender inequalities and HIV
  • Social, cultural, economic and political issues of sexuality
  • Complementary and Traditional medicines
  • Health promotion, Hygene promotion

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